English Speaking World.

• Form a pair with one of your classmates.
• Choose one of the companies from the list below.
• Make a presentation of about 5min per person.
• Use Powerpoint.

In the presentation you should include:

• Why you chose this company.
• What their core business is.
• Who the founders of the company are.
• Give a few statistics.
• What their bestselling product is.
• What the future of the company looks like.
• Why you would want to work at this company or why not.

• Make sure you change between speakers frequently.
• Make sure to write your presentation down.
• Make sure that you are not reading.
• Make sure to practice the presentation.
• Make sure you have enough text so it doesn't matter if you leave something out.
• Try to be original.
• Know what your partner is/should be saying.
• Ask your teacher to look into your presentation with you so you can get some feedback.

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